Underpinned by leading edge technology, our data driven approach has helped consumer brands and retailers to deliver growth in a time of unprecedented retail and digital transformation.

With a broad base of MarTech, data integration, data analytics, marketing automation and execution solutions, we build value for retailers and brands in store and across all digital channels.

With advances in technology and data science, it’s now possible to promote the right brands to the right people in the right channels and in the right locations. And to do it faster and more cost effectively.

Our own MarketView SaaS data visualisation, mapping, reporting and analysis tool is used by many of Europe’s leading brands to help them ‘see the bigger picture’, but to also execute online and offline communications at a highly granular level.

In addition to having too much siloed data, many global brand and retailers have multiple and often contradictory MarTech capabilities. They’ve spent millions but are unable to generate the predicted ROI. Recognise this?!

Our approach marries your data with third party sources and technology to develop data driven solutions which work. We take a step back, review exactly what you’re actually trying to achieve with MarTech and offer advice on best practice and third party tools which simplify the business process.

Through our MarTech partners, we offer support across the following technologies:

BI and visualisation analytics – MarketView, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau etc.

Via our global data and technology partner, Blend360, we also offer the following technology and support services:

Adobe, SQL, Azure, MarTech stack optimisation, CX enablement.

Machine learning, content management tools, automation and AI.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions.


For more information, please contact our Client Services team directly.