Coca-Cola Freestyle


“S2 have been great to work with across all areas of the brand research, insight, strategy and creative execution piece. The feedback we have received has been fantastic.” 

Laura Bartkowski, Freestyle Project Manager, Coca-Cola European Partners


Coca-Cola Freestyle is a touch screen soda fountain dispenser that features 165 different Coca-Cola products, as well as custom flavours.  Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP),  started a trial launch of the equipment in 2018 and required a better understanding of the consumer profile and appetite for using this equipment to help drive the roll-out strategy in the UK. Understanding consumer perception and feedback of the Freestyle machine would enable CCEP to add value to discussions with their retail partners.


S2 was tasked to conduct an online survey as part of a wider research project we conducted including focus groups and customer profiling. Quantitative consumer research would help quantify responses around consumer perceptions. The research aimed to explore consumer brand recognition, attitudes to soft drink food pairings, explore consumer awareness and understanding of the freestyle machine. Lastly to explore the effect Freestyle machines would have on consumer decisions on chosen outlets.


    The online survey helped provide valuable data to understand consumer interest around the Freestyle machine, occasions, behaviour and marketing messaging that would resonate with the target user groups. This insight helped to substantiate the consumer profiling project and along with focus group research, helped define and develop the Freestyle roll-out launch strategy.

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