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Market research, Customer Insight, Store Segmentation & Location Planning

“S2 have been great to work with across all areas of the brand research, insight, strategy and creative execution piece. The feedback we have received has been fantastic and the website has been hailed a real best in class effort.”

Laura Bartkowski, Freestyle Project Manager, Coca-Cola European Partners

The Brief

Coca-Cola Freestyle, (FS), offers the ultimate personalised soft drink experience giving unprecedented choice to the consumer in a fun and engaging way. S2 was tasked to define the profile of the end consumer with a view to developing a full brand strategy roll out which can be implemented across on and offline media channels.   

To define the brand strategy and creative execution, we worked with Coca-Cola to develop an understanding of the consumer profiles for Freestyle and provide recommendations on route to market activation.

The development of pen persona consumer profiles via consumer research and data analysis, helped define the target audience and how their behaviours relate to purchase occasions and engagement with the product.

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Our Approach

Consumer research focus groups allowed us to test reactions to the FS brand and explore attitudes to soft drink dispensers. The responsiveness of the UK market to the Freestyle concept and detailed attitudes to the pairing of drinks with food were also tested with a wider online research survey.

The research resulted in delivering consumer awareness recommendations and how best to communicate brand and flavour possibilities. This work helped quantify the Freestyle effect for retailers, to explore how it can improve or enhance consumer’s views on outlets where it is available.

Social media usage and sharing behaviours across pen persona groups also helped define the most effective digital channels for education and awareness campaigns to build the brand via promotional, POS and competition campaigns.

Alignment of personas to the UK population enabled sizing of the FS opportunity by each persona, thereby providing a basis for a future brand advocate communication plan. Mapping the population densities of each pen persona provides Coca-Cola with a geographic targeted approach for the marketing of Freestyle across ATL and BTL media communications.

Route to market strategy is supported by using Marketview, our data visualisation tool, to heat map key locations and customer sites across the UK which have the highest propensity for Freestyle dispenser placement.

The Result

Using the insights gained from the brand strategy work, our creative and digital team then designed and built the customer microsite which acts as an information and sales hub for key retail customers of Freestyle such as Nandos, Burger King and Five Guys.
Using the web design creative templates we developed, we also designed a number of high impact in and out of store sales promotional concepts which are incorporated into the website and mobile version. The site’s strong and vibrant visual impact accurately reflects the consumer target market by persona. 

Determining the total Freestyle footfall opportunity by pen persona relevancy enables point of sale, merchandising, equipment and promotions to be aligned to the communication and promotional preferences of each group, thereby increasing sales.

Creative Work

website design
website design
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