Online Survey

“S2 managed our online research project with the professionalism and expertise I have come to expect from them. S2 identified what was required to deliver against our key objectives for the project, delivering quality outputs which we are now using internally to underpin our future strategy and discussion with this key account.”

Andrew Buxton, Dominos National Account Manager.


Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) wished to explore Domino’s customer soft drink preferences, purchase triggers and responsiveness to meal deals through consumer research. S2 was tasked to carry out an online survey to gain quantitative results to demonstrate Dominos customers soft drink attitudes and preferences.


Serendipity2 conducted an online survey to consumers who had ordered Domino’s Pizza within the last 3 months. Respondents were asked questions to understand occasion drivers and customer behaviour when ordering from Dominos. Key motivations and influencing factors were explored to understand the decision-making process when deciding what to order. Soft drink brand preferences and a range of meal deals were also provided to assess and gauge Coca-Cola’s brand strength against competitors and across different price points, formats and meal deals. 


The consumer research results has provided CCEP and Domino’s with insight into consumer behaviour around ordering take-out and brand preference and affinity of their brand. The research helps drive future trade manager decisions but also provides a valuable research that can be shared with their client.

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