Sales territory planning & optimisation,

category management, store segmentation,

location activation

The Brief

The challenge was to bring together consumer brand profiles for each of Greene King’s (GK’s) key product range with routes to market. Sales people often have detailed local knowledge of their areas, but don’t always know the best way to identity brand opportunity by pub.

The key to trade marketing is the ability to interpret brand shopper marketing messages and to optimise the way in which the sales team can interpret the relevancy to their sales territory and retail customers.

The project focused on enabling Free Trade sales reps to be more effective in their discussions with the pub owners of independent free trade pubs, identifying brand opportunity by outlet segmentation. Understanding these complexities helps shape pub segmentation that combines the relevancy of range and promotions to each individual pub while enabling fast operational activation.

Our Approach

S2’s analysis helped transform the raw data for pub footfall demographics and category sales segments that relate to sales by brand, type and volume metrics.

The relevancy of product range to the different free trade environments, from independent pubs to small managed groups, as well as the relevancy to the usage differences between wet led, dry led and sports led pubs was factored in. Layering of additional footfall drivers also included locations, eg. town centre circuit; urban/rural and proximity drivers such as transport hubs, major sports facilities and universities.

Aligning volume sales opportunity and grading with the consumer occasion allows Greene King’s brand profiles to be modelled to output the top 2 brands placed in each pub. Sales data by site is used to define a growth or maintain flag to define the sales opportunity.

The Result

Using demographic data on the number of residents and daytime workers around each location, S2 created a platinum, gold and silver grading based on the size of the footfall opportunity, considering three main factors: age, affluence and ethnicity.

Optimising price, range and merchandising along with driving on and offline promotions, at pub and estate level, helps target sales and marketing activity more effectively.

Mapping the UK population by relevance to Greene King’s brands enables aggregation and ranking of individual pubs for ranging, pricing and promotional activation.


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