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Hatton Country World Creative case study

Branding, Web Design, Communication Material, Advertising & Email campaigns

“S2 created an interactive, clean, contemporary and visually appealing website which is both easy to use and intuitive to navigate. They have also been instrumental in creating a new brand identity and other on and offline collateral”.

Carron Smith, Marketing Manager, Hatton Country World


Hatton Country World (HCW) is one of the Midland’s leading leisure, outdoor adventure and shopping venues, a unique and historic destination attracting families and children from across the UK. HCW wanted to increase their number of visitors and members so were looking for a marketing agency that could help support them to achieve this. Top line requirements were to enhance their brand image, develop an interactive and engaging website, then deliver support to help drive both traffic to the website and footfall to the venue through digital and direct marketing. 


S2 was commissioned to design an overarching brand identity for the Hatton Group with sub brands for each specific area, including Hatton Adventure World, Hatton Shopping Village and Hatton Nursery.

Following extensive research, our challenge was to develop a highly detailed and comprehensive new website and associated marketing collateral, appealing to each target market whilst effectively selling the Hatton Country World Experience as a whole.

logo design

S2 designed a multi layered website after undertaking research to identify and scope the needs of each target audience, potential customer journeys and the overall user experience .  After these initial stages, S2 then went on to produce extensive marketing collateral that could be used to communicate offerings and promote the venue. Signage, leaflets, direct mail pieces, magazines and adverts were provided on an ongoing basis to support the sales & marketing teams.

leaflet design


S2 produced a highly impactful and interactive website that is fun and vibrant, along with a range of marketing material that would resonate with each target audience across the Group. All collateral produced highlighted the tradition and heritage of Hatton and its welcoming environment. S2 worked closely with Hatton to develop and execute seasonal campaigns to drive traffic to the venue.


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