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The Brief

Men’s Health, (MH), the global leader in men’s health and the world’s leading lifestyle magazine, and its food manufacturer, Fiddes Payne, commissioned S2 to develop a range of innovative food and contemporary packaging aimed at aspirational, health conscious men. 

With an established readership of 12.5 million males in the UK, the 4 new food products were being developed in line with the target audience’s interest in health and well being and in parallel to the market’s shift towards a greater uptake in health and nutritional food.

Our Approach

Men’s Health wanted to launch 4 SKUS’s in the nutrition range including grains, rubs, boosters and snacks. S2 was tasked to develop a brand and packaging for the new product launch.

S2 undertook market research to identify the competitors within the category, their brands, packs, target audiences. This extended to a consumer poll to obtain feedback on preferences of packaging by format, style and portion size. 

Our creative team developed both the umbrella brand and sub brand identity for the range. The contemporary branding and packaging designs needed to reflect Men’s Health’s progressive outlook and desire to make a significant impact in the highly competitive nutritional foods sector. Working closely with both the US and UK Brand teams, S2 developed a strong brand and packaging to launch the range.

The Result

From a selection of healthy ambient pulses and grains to easy and simple preparation rubs, the range was successfully launched throughout major retailers in the UK including Tesco’s, Asda, Sainsbury, Amazon and leading convenience stores. Find out more about our approach to packaging and POS design.


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