Men’s health

Market Research

Men’s Health, (MH), the global leader in men’s health and the world’s leading lifestyle magazine, and its food manufacturer, Fiddes Payne, commissioned S2 to develop a range of innovative food and contemporary packaging aimed at aspirational, health conscious men. 

With an established readership of 12.5 million males in the UK, the new food products were being developed in line with the target audience’s interest in health and well-being and in parallel to the market’s shift towards a greater uptake in health and nutritional food.

We conducted market research and in store shopper research to gauge consumer opinion around occasion, range and packaging for this category. We then developed detailed brand persona profiles of the ideal consumer and shopper. Competitor analysis was also completed to gauge consumer perception and behaviour in the marketplace. 

The results of this research underpinned the design and format for the packaging range, which we completed. Men’s health Grains are sold in Morrisons and Tesco’s with further categories in development.