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The Brief

As part of its strategy in 2023 to raise the profile of its oat milk drink, PureOaty, and engage with trade and consumers, Glebe Farm Foods appointed Serendipity2 to conduct research amongst its target consumer groups, with a major focus on health and wellbeing.

Research would help to inform how Glebe Farm Foods positions PureOaty as a key player in the mainstream ‘health and wellbeing’ marketplace, broadening out from niche positionings within very specific health conditions and sustainability agendas.

The aim of the research was to provide robust and topical insight, enabling PureOaty to establish an authoritative role as a major advocate of health and wellbeing.

Our Approach

The online survey of over 1,200 adults in the UK provided robust quantification of consumer and shopper profiles, measuring perceptions around physical health, mental health, overall wellbeing, diet, lifestyle, impact of life events and external influences, and work and stress.


The survey also explored what steps consumers are taking, or would consider taking, in order to stay healthy and improve their wellbeing. This included products purchased or considered, activities, advice and information sought, the role of diet and supplements, food and beverages consumed to support health and wellbeing, and any barriers or unmet needs that currently prevent them from reaching their intended goals.

The Result

The research insights gained into consumer perceptions, lifestyles and behaviours around their health and wellbeing from appointing a research company to assist with consumer understanding will help inform future brand communications and promotional activity.

Demonstrating a detailed understanding of core target audiences and their needs can also reveal potential partnership or collaboration opportunities with other organisations or health and wellness experts and influencers, raising the profile of Glebe Farm Foods and PureOaty within the health and wellbeing space.


Consumer attitudes will also feed in future category management, shopper marketing and range activation with key trade customers.


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