The Brief

RelaxSol is a unique and innovative sun cream range, offering a product which maximises the health benefits of sun exposure whilst, at the same time, protecting the skin from the damaging effects.

Relaxsol has developed and patented its proprietary dermatological product and wanted to establish the brand in a number of key retail sectors with a view to establishing a foothold in the highly competitive Sunscreen and Skincare market.

S2 was tasked to undertake consumer research to ascertain the viability of the product prior to the international launch.


S2 conducted market research to understand consumer perceptions on sun safety, current habits and buying patterns and potential interest and viability of the new product.

Quantitative research in the form of a 10-minute online consumer survey was implemented to gauge and size behaviour in the marketplace. The survey sample covered a broad life stage and lifestyle spectrum of the population but included current buyers of skin car and sun scream products.

        Attitudes explored included sun safety, brand preferences, messaging around health and safety, perceived interest in a new innovative sunscreen that protects from the harmful UV rays of the sun whilst also providing health benefits of sunlight. Levels of interest were measured along with potential price points to enable Relaxsol to make informed decisions around marketing comms, strategy and promotional activity.


    Relaxsol is now successfully selling its products online via and is also in discussions with Serendipity2 around the next stages of marketing in line with their global distribution ambitions.