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Royal Caribbean International is an award-winning luxury cruise company offering cruises to 250 popular destinations across the world. RCI desired to gain a deeper understanding into the attitudes, lifestyles, behaviours and emotive triggers across 3 identified target segments. S2 was briefed to undertake research to gain feedback on what key behaviours and decision-making processes drive holiday bookings, defining perceptions and key influences for each target market.


S2 undertook qualitative research in the form of focus groups to understand underlying reasons, perceptions and motivations around holidays and cruises. 3 focus groups were held with different target audiences, identified as core segments. The focus groups were moderator led exploring participants views and feedback across a range of discussion topics including holiday preferences, travel attitudes and behaviours, cruising as a holiday option and perceptions and understanding of a cruise experience. Visual assets were also presented to gain initial feedback on creative currently in development.


The results from the qualitative research provided RCI with feedback on consumer perceptions, motivations and underlying reasons that affect their choice on holidays. Understanding perceptions and motivations around cruise holidays will enable RCI to ensure marketing material are targeted appropriately to consumers highlighting benefits and appeal that the research fed back, whilst also enabling them to remove perceived barriers to booking. Feedback on creative assets is hugely beneficial to tweak and aid future communications during the creative development stage and can be enhanced to maximise impact.