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The Brief

Skinsmiths is a world-renowned skincare company providing treatments from 9 high end clinics in London. Their extensive skin care portfolio is dedicated to providing skincare confidence, ‘making the pathway to skin confidence simple’. Initially clinic based, Skinsmiths were looking to significantly grow their online direct to consumer (D2C) presence offering their skin care products to a wider audience. S2 was appointed to provide greater insight around the online skincare market through brand consumer research and data analytics, with the primary objective being to provide marketing intelligence that would help underpin their future online growth strategy.

Our Approach

Online research was conducted across 2,000 participants to explore the skincare marketplace. Socio demographics and survey responses were analysed to build a better picture of skincare users who purchase online. Identifying a key target user brand profile, who they are, what motivates them, what influences their purchasing decisions and skincare routines and how best to engage with them.

Using consumer research feedback, combined with extensive consumer lifestyle, behavioural and occasion data, the results fed into an extensive brand persona development project which identified core target consumer groups with a higher propensity of becoming Skinsmiths customers both within the UK and internationally.

The Result

This project has provided insight into the habits, key influences and motivations into the skincare buying process. Analysing and understanding the brand profile of users who predominantly purchase online, who are aligned on price point and frequently purchase products within the category, has helped define specific customer groups. Future online and offline promotions, marketing, social media and advertising can now be aligned to resonate with each target group.


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