Tourist Attraction Case Study

Customer profiling, pen persona development & segmentation to drive on & offline strategy & visitor attendance

“Serendipity2’s help in clarifying our transactional, behavioural and demographic data has been invaluable. We have been able to gain real insight into our key customer segments and their media consumption habits which will now provide us with a more informed approach to sales, marketing and operational execution.”

Head of Marketing and PR, Blenheim Palace


Blenheim wanted to gain a better understanding of the different reasons that incentivise people to visit and to encourage up and cross sell opportunities. A greater insight into the lifestyle and behaviours of their customers across visit type, location, geography and transactional behaviour would enable a more informed approach to customer retention and acquisition. They also wanted to gain a better understanding of their customers by visit type to improve the relevancy of news, events and promotions driving sales and marketing activities. 

Blenheim had 4 broad visitor profiles which they wished to map to their actual visitors by analysing transactional spend, behavioural and demographic data. The ultimate objective of developing a single customer view was central to the brief.

Our Approach

To build repeat visits and to attract new visitors, Blenheim Palace also needed to have a much better understanding of media communication habits and trends within the context of its own transactional sales data. Using Blenheim Palace’s online sales and annual pass data combined with S2’s external data sets, S2 drilled down into the media consumption and behaviours of each of the 4 target groups. The difference in visitors versus potential visitors by each target group within a target of one and a half hour drive time was also analysed to size the opportunity. Using these insights, S2 was able to extend the current profile information to look at which media vehicles they use to find information, the promotional campaigns they are most likely to respond to and the locations they live and work in.


S2 provided detailed pen persona profile reports for each target group along with media preferences and detailed marketing recommendations across both on and offline channels to drive future activity. Heat maps have been provided of target prospect groups and visitors enabling visualisation of the spatial distribution and optimal catchments by segment. This project has provided insight that allows improved targeting of marketing spend geared more effectively to the correct media channels and locations where there are high numbers of potential visitors matching the primary focus groups.


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