Market Research, Brand Development & Website Design


Your Stylish Home is a soft furnishings company offering home furnishing from curtains, blinds, wallpaper and accessories. YSH was looking for an agency to undertake a major rebrand of the company including company name development a new logo, brand identity and translating the new brand across the website. YSH, previously ‘Fashion Interiors’ wanted to reposition the brand as a quality, contemporary, home furnishings company that is current and aspirational for all. This rebrand will re-launch the brand, reinvigorating their position in the marketplace whilst appealing to a larger ’new’ slightly younger target audience.


S2 undertook market research to understand competitors and trends within the marketplace. A full assessment was conducted to identify the company’s requirements in terms of brand vision, personality and positioning. S2 worked closely with YSH to understand the offering, target audience and how this would underpin how the brand should be positioned.

S2 developed a clear project brief with YSH that was used to underpin each stage of the project from company name, to logo and brand identity development culminating in translating the brand across website design. S2 developed a crisp and contemporary brand that will appeal to a broad audience of home improvers, attracting a younger target audience but also resonating with their current customer base. YSH’s in house development team will now utilise these web design pages to translate across the website build.


S2 developed a striking brand that will resonate with YSH’s target audience helping them to further grow and establish themselves as they evolve and expand within the marketplace. With the brand guidelines also produced by S2, YSH can ensure that any future marketing and sales collateral is developed in line with their brand thereby ensuring brand continuity. Our collaborative approach working closely with YSH has resulted in a brand that positions YSH as a professional, desirable, quality brand.


“I am incredibly impressed with the creativity and experience that S2 brought to our project – their resulting rebranding was more than I hoped and will further build our strong reputation online, no doubt taking our business to the next level.”

 Jez Brooks (Operations Director), Your Stylish Homes.