Workshop 2019

Sales Territory Planning & Call Optimisation

Workshop Objectives

The workshop will explore the challenges and different scenarios that impact field sales teams and the planning required to create balanced sales territories. To deliver consistent sales visibility and support levels that are relevant to each outlet to maximise influence and drive sales growth.

What Will Be Covered

Using anonymised case study examples of our recent work for major consumer brands and retailers, we will explore how Sales Territory Planning provides the means to optimise field sales people to the right outlets in the best locations in order to maximise return on investment.

If territories differ sharply by geographical size or growth potential and slip out of balance, sales personnel may be given too much or too little work. This can lead to under or over servicing of customers, a lack of prioritisation and a poor return on your investment.

  • Segmenting territories by the distribution of high-value accounts.
  • How to achieve drive time efficiencies by reducing daily drive times, to enable more time in call.


  • How to beat current issues and barriers around journey planning.
  • Building knowledge from data & account experience to define the sales influence and account support level required to maximise sales: maintain & defend, growth or fix/discard accounts.
  • Creating balanced sales territories, aligning call frequency and time in call to sales volumes and future opportunity.
  • The importance of grading and ranking of stores against footfall potential to identify sales growth opportunity from category.
  • Route planning based on proximity of field sales people to sales territories and outlets reducing travel time and increasing time in store.
  • Geographic mapping of sales territories to improve market coverage and route to market.

Who Should Attend

  • Sales Operations

  • Sales Directors/Managers

  • Senior Sales & Marketing

  • Commercial & CEO’s



Achieving an appropriate sales territory balance is an important factor in maintaining satisfaction with your customers, salespeople, and for achieving your company growth target.

  • Defined reporting metrics.
  • Increased field sales accountability and balanced opportunity.
  • Structure to identify and prioritise target accounts.
  • Scalable data driven planning to encompass sales territory expansion, both geographically and targeted number of accounts.

Price: From £4,495

Workshop will run from 10am – 4pm.

Location: either client site or Serendipity2’s Leamington Spa office. The workshop location site will provide refreshments and audio visual equipment.

The number of attendees is unlimited.

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