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“We spent time with S2 looking into how they can help us deliver our goals and effectively manage our the franchisee payment scheme. Since we have progressed with this project we have enhanced our relationship with our customer by freeing up administration time and making payments on time. S2 has been crucial to our journey and we will look to expand on their services going forward”

Alex Marsh Food Chains Manager, Unilever

The Brief

Unilever implement an incidence rebate payment programme across Domino’s stores in the UK to reward Domino’s franchisees against sales of Unilever’s Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum ice creams in their stores


Unilever outsourced this programme to Serendipity2 to provide an efficient managed service that would provide calculation and management of their payments, whilst also offering the flexibility to provide additional campaign and communication support.

Our Approach

As a data and analytical company providing complex services to many global brands, S2 is very experienced in this type of service having worked with Coca-Cola European Partners, Coca-Cola GB and GSK on similar programmes for Domino’s, Burger King, Subway and Wimpy.

For Unilever, we maintain a monthly incidence payment service providing Domino’s Franchisees with their performance statements with individual store breakdowns. On a quarterly basis, invoices and remittance advice is sent to Franchisees. Franchisee communications are sent on an ad hoc basis to introduce or support promotional campaigns that Unilever are running that period.


The Result

S2 provide an efficient and effective ongoing service for Unilever that has helped increase communication and engagement with Domino’s Franchisee customers whilst also reducing internal administration resource, meaning that the team at Unilever can focus their efforts on building the Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum ice cream brands.  Now established, Unilever can initiate and roll-out campaigns quickly and seamlessly through S2’s professional service without the headache of analysing sales by multiple stores and managing incident payments.

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