Data visualisation helps to bring your data to life and make more informed business decisions.

Reactivating the high street and restoring consumer confidence during covid.

Spreadsheets are a bit dry. It’s difficult to detect patterns in the data, see the bigger picture and to be able to take sensible business decisions. That’s where data visualisation comes into its own.


Map2Stats® helps brands and retailers to gain knowledge about the geographical distribution of their customer data, and to create maps and reports based on that information to aid future strategy and execution.


Map2Stats® enables you to zoom in and display maps at any scale, from UK-wide to street-level, whilst maintaining a high level of contextual detail and smart labelling. The ability to view data at both a macro and a micro level means that your omni-channel activities can be implemented in a highly targeted and localised way.

The benefits of Data Visualisation

Bring data to life

Helping you to interpret key patterns of market penetration, identify hot spot areas of customer behaviour, clarify best prospect opportunities and make sense of geo, mobile, digital and economic trends.

Understand the impact of geography

Understanding your brand or retail location within the context of the wider marketplace such as external consumer and workforce population, mobile & digital data, retail landscapes, market segments, competition and footfall proximity drivers.

Make more informed decisions

When launching a new brand or deciding on new store locations, it’s essential to get your product into the hands of the right consumer, in the right store and in the right locations.

Improve targeting

By combining your customer data such as sales, with our own external data sources, Map2Stats® provides a detailed understanding of the marketplace in which you operate, and the ability to define activity which is relevant and highly targeted.

See the bigger picture

Using data visualisation techniques such as heat mapping, drive time analysis, catchment reports, customer hotspots, prospect targeting and ranking reports to make informed business decisions.

Easy to use

Map2Stats® is intuitive and ready-to-use helping you to visualise, manipulate and report on your data without the need for any GIS expertise, highlighting trends, gaps and overlaps that wouldn’t be possible via other technology.