Consumer Research Project for RelaxSol

S2 is now working with RelaxSol, a UK Based company that researches and develops novel skincare products to safely enjoy the sun.

RelaxSol is currently developing patented and proprietary dermatological products for sunscreen and need to understand more about the buyers market prior to launch.

S2 has been tasked to conduct consumer research to understand consumer perceptions on sun safety, current habits and buying patterns and interest in the new product coming to launch.

We are currently undertaking online research and look forward to providing the results to RelaxSol to inform and underpin future marketing and launch strategy.

Watch this space for a full update in the near future!

Clare Kiteley“Consumer research is so important for new product launches
and testing the viability of new products. We get excited about
being involved at the early stages of new launches especially
when it is offering something completely new to the marketplace!”
Clare Kiteley, Commercial Director.