Omnichannel brand strategy & resource planning


Our client, a well known clothing retailer wanted to be able to understand the penetration of their customer base across the UK in relation to their retail stores and online market.

Jigsaw wanted to be able visualise the penetration and spread of their customers across the UK by different geographies by both number and value of orders. This would help drive resource, estate planning and omnichannel marketing activity.


Our Segmentz® data mapping, reporting and analysis software gave the ability to easily view maps which provided aggregated heat mapping based on any variable, but also point level customer data coloured by in store and online spend.

Heat mapping provided a clear and visual means of identifying customer’s spatial distribution but also penetration by different geographies. Understanding the distribution of their customers enables Jigsaw to concentrate sales and marketing resource in the areas that were under performing and had growth potential. The ranking report functionality within Segmentz® also produced reports that rank areas by chosen geography from postal regions down to postal sectors.

To create the aggregated hot and cold maps, Jigsaw customer data and store address data was loaded at point level, which also offered the opportunity of viewing and analysing customer spread and value by colour coding.


Jigsaw requested that additional layers such as customers, Jigsaw stores, towns and transport links could be turned on or off to enable the ability to analyse and review data in conjunction with each data layer or have a simple coloured map defining penetration. The ability to zoom in and out of the mapping was also important to enable detailed information to be viewed at a regional or granular level.

To ensure the mapping was relevant and up to date, quarterly data refreshes were taken to update the aggregated maps and data points.