Working from Home during Covid-19

With more than half the UK workforce working from home, Serendipity2 included, we thought it would be good to share some hints and tips on how to be effective.

Many of us have been working from home for 3 weeks now, with family in the same space. So how can we be more productive whilst adapting to this new working environment isolated from our colleagues?

Distinguish between work and home mode – set aside a space for work so you can get in to the right head space.

Create a routine starting and finishing at set times – try to start and end the day at a similar time to normal.

Set boundaries – establish with family when you can be interrupted. If you have children remind them of when you have important calls and can’t be interrupted or use a sign on the door.

Manage distractions – try to ignore distractions such as TV until your work time has finished.

Be realistic – try to be realistic and set specific tasks that you want to achieve each day.

Don’t forget to take regular breaks – at work we have natural breaks and walk around the office, ensure you are mobile every hour for a few minutes to take a break from your screen.

Connect with colleagues – to keep a team morale boost, there are many tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Team Meeting which are great for this.


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