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Print, Digital, Outdoor Advertising Experts

As advertising experts, we help you to communicate your message, build brand awareness or drive sales.

We work with you to understand your objectives for each project and from there, we identify the relevant channels and mediums that would be relevant for your company’s target customers.

Advertising is defined as a form of promotion or communication about your service or products to prospective customers. “Advertising is any communication, usually paid-for, specifically intended to inform and/or influence one or more people” Advertising Association

At S2, we view advertising as marketing science. Developing the right creative and messaging to appeal to your target audience with the power to influence their opinions in a positive manner.

In today’s marketplace, the challenge is not only to produce good quality creative, but to be able to strike to the heart of your audience amidst a bombardment of marketing messages.

As a fully integrated agency we work closely with our clients using skill sets across departments to devise award winning advertising campaigns.

Firstly, we draw on our strategic insight to understand your target market and use this intelligence to position the right message through the right media channels to maximise impact. Finally, our creative studio provides top quality creative design to bring your advert to life.

Whether print, digital or outdoor advertising, we ensure that our creative design captures the hearts and minds of your audience so that your message resonates.

Working across all key media channels, we ensure that any advertising collateral developed in one medium is easily translated into another so that your campaigns maintain brand consistency throughout.

Through our data and insights team we can help you identify the right locations and best media channels to maximise your adverts both on and offline. If you need help with buying media space, we can even help with that, as we provide a full campaign planning service.

If you are looking for our offices,
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United Kingdom

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