A Leading Consumer Research Agency

Our award-winning consumer research agency uses both qualitative and quantitative market research techniques to gain a deeper insight into consumers’ attitudes, behaviours, and motivations for translation into actionable execution strategies.

We offer the complete range of qualitative and quantitative techniques including:

  • Focus groups
  • Group discussions
  • Face to face interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Telephone interviews

You might be looking to launch a new brand to market or track and understand sales performance differences and consumer perceptions of existing ones, in-store and via social media.

Your objective might be to drive innovation, range, pack size or price points or assess the effectiveness of your new digital marketing campaign.

Perhaps you need to develop more robust consumer brand profiles or simply want to improve in-store customer experience via interviewing consumers and staff at the sharp end.

Our qualitative and quantitative market research techniques span brand development, innovation, market trends, consumer brand and product perceptions, media communications, social media listening and customer experience.

We can manage your research project from initial design through to management and final reporting.

‘S2 have been working with us for many years on consumer research, strategy and insights projects. They were the perfect choice to help us understand the behaviours and motivations of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar drinkers.’

James Moore, Coca-Cola Enterprises, National & Key Accounts Manager

Our market research services include:

  • Face to face market research methods including consumer focus groups, experiential research, customer service polls and telephone interviews.
  • Qualitative research from social media listening and online campaign performance measures to online surveys tracking brand perception. Results are delivered with recommendations on how to develop a more informed approach.
  • Providing the ability to link trends, buyer behaviours and preferences, taking into account geographic and demographic variances, to form a strategic knowledge base.
  • Quantitative market research using measurable and statistical data to formulate facts and uncover patterns in consumer product interactions to quantify defined behaviours and trends.
  • Analysing transactional data and summarising in dashboards to help lead future communication and route to market strategies.
  • Segmenting customer data into pen persona groups of individuals who share similar brand and product attitudes across demographic variables, lifestyle choices, behaviours and communication preferences
  • Desk research into the rapidly changing nature of the consumer goods and retail sectors to identify developing future trends.

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