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We help you to communicate the right advertising message to build brand awareness and drive sales. We work with you to understand your objectives and identify the relevant media channels which are relevant to your brand’s target audience. The challenge for today’s brands is not just about producing good quality creative, but in being able to strike to the heart of your audience who are increasingly bombarded with marketing messages. We use audience profiling to understand your target market, helping to position the right message through the right media channels to maximise impact.

Whether digital, print or outdoor advertising, we ensure that our creative design captures the hearts and minds of your audience so that your message resonates. Working across all key media channels, we ensure that any advertising collateral developed in one medium is easily commuted to another so that your campaigns maintain brand consistency throughout.

Through our strategy and insight team, we can also help you identify the right locations and best media channels to maximise your advertising both on and offline, visit Location Planning & Analysis service to read more.

S2 were great to work with, delivering on our creative objectives, such as our London underground campaign, with a reassuring consultative approach. Gemma Allardyce, Head of Central Operations, Co-operative Childcare

We were really pleased with the creative work that S2 put together. The analytical work gave us a great insight into our current visitors and who we needed to speak to going forward. They then took this analysis and turned it into a strong creative message, advertising and media campaign which led to an uplift in visits for the summer season. Really responsive, I enjoyed working with the S2 team Chris Perkins, Group Business Development Director, World of Wedgwood

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