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If you are looking to get more exposure for your company, then creating the right content with keywords around your topics is a great way to be discovered.  Your content should be relevant and should include specific target keywords. Whilst this may seem like an easy task, it would be important to consider the following points; as you will need to consider what it is you want to be discovered for on search engines like Google.

Creating content is a really good way to help attract visitors to your website. By keeping your content fresh and regularly updated, you are allowing Google to see that you are not spamming information, and you are originally creating information instead.  However, when writing your content keep in mind how you use your keywords. There will be one or two words or phrases that will commonly come up in the text you write.

Tips to help you with choosing the right keywords:

  • Develop a strategy which will focus on how and when you will use your keywords within your content
  • Create multiple pieces around similar key words or phrases
  • Search on Google what is currently trending under certain search terms
  • Put yourself on the other side, think of it like this – if you were searching for something what would you type in?

Think about words that could be used in a search:

Whilst Google can sometimes make it difficult for us to rank in its search engine at a high position, there are some ways which can be used to try and overcome this. For example, you can create a variety of articles and content around your chosen keywords and publish these regularly. It is also a good idea to use some of Google’s own tools, such as Google Suggest. This tool helps you to sort your keywords and find the ones that work with your content. The more you find, that work well in your content, the more likely it is that your website will rank higher. This will give you a better chance of increasing the traffic to your website, which is ultimately what you need.

How are the keywords ranking so far?

When you have found words or phrases that you would like your website to be ranked for, you can do some further research. Have a look at different websites where you can enter your chosen keywords and see how well they are ranking. You can also use something called Google Trends – like Google Suggest this is another help tool that Google offer. Google Trends allows you to compare the search volume for different words over a selected period of time, and you can compare different search terms. If you look at using this when working on your blog posts, and tailor your strategy properly, you will begin to see a good change in your traffic count.

Using Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer, usually 4 or more words instead of only 102, and are more specific .  As they are niche, they can generate more accurate results based on the users search query. Do not be put off by the fact that they will have lower search volumes. If they are more relevant and specific they will offer a higher conversion rate for your website traffic. A good example being ‘ladies’ trainers’ versus ‘ladies running adidas trainers’.  The more generic the search, the less likely the user will find what they are interested in. Today more than 70% of internet searches are made up of long tail keywords, so it’s worth working them into your SEO strategy.

Long-tail Keywords Chart

The whole idea of finding the right keywords is so that you can attract more visitors.
Keywords can sometimes be underestimated, but if used correctly they will prove to be very beneficial. Here are some top tips on finding the right keywords:

Top Tips:

  • Aim for a focus word that is high on volume
  • Compare a variety of keywords and see how they rank in search engines currently
  • Embed your keyword within your text
  • Focus on one or two at a time
  • Use long tailed keywords
  • Don’t force keywords into text, make sure it all flows naturally within the actual content

Being able to carefully select the keywords in your content will prove to Google that your content is original and well thought out. It will help Google to better understand what keyword you are trying to rank for. If this is all done correctly, you should see an improvement in your overall website position.

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