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Branding is a bit more than just creating a great looking logo or a cool looking website. Your company’s brand is central to what your company stands for and how you’re perceived by your customers.

Branding and Identity




Depending on your business needs and budget, we can offer a range of services to suit your requirements from brand creation to brand redevelopment.


  • Logo development
  • Brand re-development
  • Logo re-design
  • Brand modernisation


  • Brand strategy development
  • Brand packaging design
  • Brand guidelines

We are experienced branding and brand strategy experts. We can help you to create a robust brand identity and overall strategy to ensure your business has a credible, professional brand that resonates with your marketplace. We work with both start-ups to create new brands and established businesses to re-energise their brands.

Successful branding will really help your company stand out from the crowd and get you noticed. It’s your corporate image and personality, a promise from you to your customers.

Your brand must communicate the unique characteristics which are important to your business such as reliability, quality, trust, innovation or resourcefulness.

Every brand is different, but the key is in getting to the core of what makes you special.

Brand development is a collaborative process, we work closely with you to understand whay your business stands for, your offering, your USPs, your goals and how you want to position your business. We undertake research into your competitors and key trends in the marketplace to help clarify your brand strategy to drive growth.

We use our creativity to develop a unique brand identity focusing on your core brand elements and how they work across all levels to tell the brand story. Our designers have considerable experience in developing the perfect brand. From picking the right colour palette and artwork to carefully choosing what font would suit your brand.