Single customer view store level database hosting driving sales, marketing, operational & financial planning & execution


Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is responsible for manufacturing, selling and distributing over 80 different soft drinks products across the UK. With a product portfolio including Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta, Lilt, Sprite, Oasis, Innocent, Powerade, Dr Pepper, Capri Sun, Relentless, Abbey Well, Appletise, Monster and a range of other major international brands, Coca-Cola is the world’s most successful soft drinks company.

Coca-Cola is one of S2’s long-standing and most valued clients. Like many large organisations, Coke did not suffer from a lack of data, but from the intelligent use of this data to drive company development.

The aim was to produce a fully operational, single customer view, retail outlet database that enabled world class, store level execution. This involved building a complete universe of outlets that either currently sell or have the potential to sell soft drinks.

The simple mantra of getting Coke’s products into the hands of the right people, via the right outlets, in the right locations was essential in driving a return on Coke’s marketing spend.

To achieve this objective, it was vital to have an understanding of the dynamics of the Total Marketplace. By combining Coca-Cola’s (and their retail customers) own sales and volume data with external consumer, workplace, competitor and retail geo-demographics; cross-channel marketing activity can be strategically planned and then implemented at a highly targeted, localised level.

“From national grocery superstores, pubs, clubs, fast food restaurants and independent convenience stores to sporting venues, leisure attractions, coffee shops, garage forecourts, wholesalers and workplaces etc, this database now underpins much of Coke’s sales, marketing, operational and financial planning and execution.” Peter Flood, CEO Serendipity2


To develop the retail outlet database, we took Coca-Cola’s UK store level customer database files from multiple sources then cleansed and enhanced with Industry Type, Employee Size and Employee Mix to create a clearer, more informative, single customer view database.

S2 then profiled this database to establish universe of net new prospects that matched the characteristics of Coca-Cola’s existing customers. This was followed by the purchase of additional prospect records which were merged with the existing database.

Using external consumer geodemographics, lifestyle and behavioural, workplace, proximity driver (eg. places of interest), travel networks and retail data and S2’s own data mapping and reporting software, Segmentz, S2 then segmented over 500,000 outlets into 16  ‘shopper driven’ consumer environments. S2 has also worked with Coke to develop a more informed ‘Push and Pull’ strategy designed to drive traffic into retail outlets.

As a result of combining internal facts on outlets, (eg. EPOS sales), with what we know of the external environment, Coke now has a much broader strategic perspective on its business and the opportunities open to it.

Whether you are a major FMCG brand or retailer, the same rules apply and the same questions need to be answered: Who are our best customers? Where are our competitors? What is our brand strategy? Why are sales so poor in this outlet? What products should we stock? How do we price our range? Where should we open new outlets? The solutions to these problems are as complex as they are varied.


Major brands and retailers are becoming increasingly aware that a more informed understanding of customers is not just about where people live. It’s also about where people work, how they travel, where they socialize, their affluence, lifestyles, ethnicity, spending habits and environments in which they choose to shop. Location is the key driver of this process.

If you are a retailer, it’s just as important to know the daytime workplace population and nature of business activity as it is to understand the consumer geo-demographics If you are an FMCG company like Coca-Cola, it is vital to match your brand criteria to the underlying consumer geo-demographics as well as being able to identify the best retailers in the right locations to distribute your products.

S2 has worked on over 100 ‘data driven’ projects for Coca-Cola in the last 10 years including:

  • Segmentation of over 500,000 outlets into 16 ‘consumer driven’ environments
  • National sales territory and resource planning
  • Coke Zero, Relentless, Powerade, Monster, Innocent and VitaminWater product launches
  • Shopper marketing category planning and implementation
  • Outlet prioritisation modelling for Fuel, QSR, Corner Shop and Food 2 Go environments
  • Brand alignment and territory planning based on ethnicity hot spots
  • Product sampling location planning for Powerade, Relentless and Coke Zero
  • Direct store and route to market planning
  • Boost Zone development based upon potential in key focus areas
  • Strategic planning for Licensed, Leisure, Food Services and Cold channels
  • Key customer new business wins and retention planning.
  • Equipment launch strategies
  • Key customer’s outlet location strategy, brand profiling and activation for Coke Zero, Diet Coke and Oasis
  • Shopper marketing insights driving alignment of omnichannel marketing
  • Olympic Torch Route planning, focused on activating major retail customer’s outlets and events within close proximity to the route .

This work led to S2 recently winning Marketing Week’s ‘Best Use of Data in FMCG’ for the 2nd time at the highly prestigious Data Strategy Awards.